Embroidery FAQ

1. What is an embroidery file?

An embroidery file is a control program for embroidery machines. It contains all the information the embroidery machine need to be able to stitch out the embroidery design, in the order the designer has digitised the design.

2. Can I open an embroidery file in my software?

I do not recommend opening an embroidery file in a software. All embroidery designs should directly loaded into / send to the embroidery machine (i.e. via USB stick or a cable).
If you think you need to open an embroidery design in your software please do not save the file and load the new file into your machine.

3. Why shouldn’t I open an embroidery file in my software?

Designers use different digitising software to create embroidery files. Each file will be saved in a raw format which the designer allow to  modify any time to his likes, and each software has its own raw format. The embroidery files available for purchase are converted machine embroidery files, created for the embroidery machines to be readable.
If you open an machine embroidery file in your software and you then save the file again, you most like damage and change the control commands in this file. This will lead to problems in the stitch-out, degradation of the embroidery design followed by frustration on your side. Especially with many of my files, there are individually created fill patterns and borders that your software can not read and it will converts to standards, which of course ruins the entire embroidery image. 
Only the designer or owner of the raw design is able to make design changes without damaging the embroidery files.

4. Is it allowed or recommended to change the size of an embroidery  design?

It is not recommended to change the size of an embroidery design even if your embroidery machine allows those changes. I have pointed out the reasons in paragraph 3 already. Especially if you are using individual, large  or ITH design you should never change the size of it as this can cause even more problems.  

5. Can I sell products I have made using your embroidery designs?

Yes you can sell products made with my embroidery files.

6. Can I sell or share your embroidery designs?

No, under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or share my embroidery designs or parts of it. If I become aware of such behaviour I will immediately take legal action.

7. How do I know how to embroider a design?

You will receive a color chart  and a PDF for each of my designs.
The Color Charts shows you the order of sequences of the design and you can easily chose the right colors. Among other things, the PDF provides information about which material is recommended by me and about any special features of the respective file. 
If you purchase an ITH design in annother shop there should always be a detailed tutorial be included, with lots of step-by-step pictures or a link to a video tutorial.

8. I have problems with the stitch-out of the design. What can I do?

Ensure you have chosen the correct stabiliser for your project and the design. i.e. try not to use tear-away stabiliser if you are working on a design with plenty of stitches and high density. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact me, and please include a detailed information about what you have done and tried so far.
If you can not solve a problem you can reach me by email to info@shark-designs.de but please remember that I write with the Google translator.

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