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1. Create an account

Click on „My Account” on the top right of the website, then click on “Login”. On the following page below the fields for your login data click on “No account? Create one here”. On the following page fill in the data in the fields. Ensure that you write your email and password down somewhere in case you forget it. Accept the terms & conditions by checking the box and click on “Send”.

2. Login – Returning Customer

Click on „My Account” on the top right of the website, then click on “Login”. On the following page fill in the correct data in the fields and login. Ensure that you use the same data you have used when creating your account.

3. Customer Account

Once logged in to your account, you can browse the website and return to your customer account any time by clicking on “My Account” on the top right of the website, then clicking on your user name. You can also logout there.

In your customer account you have full control over:
Your data (information)
Your addresses
Order history and details (invoices)
Credit Slips
Your downloads (here you find all your purchased download products ready for download)
Your email alerts
Your personal data
Your wishlists
Your reviews

and you can also logout here.

4. Voucher Codes

If you have received a valid voucher code, you must insert that code (correct spelling is mandatory) into the voucher field in your shopping cart and submit the “OK” button before you proceed to the checkout. Only by submitting the “OK” button the discount will be applied to the products in the shopping cart.
Please note that voucher codes can be valid for one or more products, one or more categories or for the whole shop. Voucher codes will only apply to a product if that product in your shopping cart meets the conditions for the voucher code (you will find more information about the conditions in the advertising posts for the published voucher code).

5. Validity of Vouchers

Vouchers are only valid for a certain. Once this time is over (or haven’t started yet) the voucher code will not work in your shopping cart. A discount cannot be applied to products if the voucher validity has expired. Cash out is not applicable for vouchers.

6. Payment

You can chose between Paypal payment and bank deposit. Paypal payment is selected by default. Paying by Paypal means your payment will be processed immediately and the download will be automatically available after Paypal has received the payment. You’ll get an email notification that your downloads are available. Email will be send to the email address that you have used in your customer account. So please make sure this email is correct and you have access to it.
Paying with bank deposit means that you need to wait a few days, that depends on how long it takes for the banks to process your payments. I’ll enable the download manually after your payments arrived in my account. You’ll receive an automatic email notification once I have enabled the download. Email will be send to the email address that you have used in your customer account. So please make sure this email is correct and you have access to it.

7. Payment Issues

Should you experience issues while paying with Paypal and there is an interruption during the payment process you can alternatively pay the invoice amount manually. Login to your Paypal account and pay the outstanding amount to Please ensure that your Paypal account has the same name and address details on file to make it easier for me to connect the payment to the order. I’ll receive an email notification from Paypal about your payment and will enable the download manually as soon as possible (this can take up to 24 hours depending on your location and time zone), because I cannot be online 24hours a day.

8. Payment on a mobile device

Please try to avoid paying your purchase on a mobile device. Experience has shown that often mobile devices causes problems such as interrupting the payment process while forwarding the page to Paypal due to the software setting, last update (or not) of the browser, security settings and much more. These are all things which I can not control.

9. Download Your Files

You can download your files in your customer account. You’ll find them in the section ‘My Downloads’.

10. New Password Request

In case you forgot your password you can reset it any time on the login page. You must use the same email address which you used when creating your account, the password will be send to this email address. Please try to avoid creating a new account when you forgot your password.

11. Guest Order

You can place orders without having a customer account. This is called guest order. However I do not recommend ordering as a guest as you have non of the benefits a registered customer has. I do not offer customer service for guest orders for example. Here is an overview of what a guest can expect (or not) if placing an order without having an account:

Your order will be placed via email and it is mandatory that you     provide your real name and address (I do not process orders     without correct names and addresses).
Guest orders take up to 7 days to be answered, as I only take     care about guest orders once a week.
Products ordered as a guest will be send via email when I assess the guest orders (which can mean a waiting time of 7 days until you’ll receive the orders).
You can not use discounts when ordering as a guest.
I do not offer any customer support for my designs when ordering as a guest. This especially excludes: help with issues, size changes on designs, re-sending designs in case you’ve lost your designs i.e. due to a pc crash. All these services are only available for registered customers.

12. Customer Service – Registered Customer

Registered customers receive a wide range of customer service. Call yourself a VIP if you are a registered customer service. This includes (but is not limited to): re-sending designs or enabling downloads again if you should have lost your designs, access to discounts and voucher codes, change of sizes of designs if needed and possible, help and support if you experience issues with my designs, immediate access to your order if paid via Paypal.

13. Extract Zip-Folders

To have access to your downloaded files you must extract the zip folders (and subfolders if needed). It is not enough to just open a zip file to retrieve the embroidery design. So for example if you are using Windows go into Windows explorer and select the zip folder (do not open it, just select it with the left mouse click). Then with a right mouse click over that folder select ‘extract…’ and extract the folder to a destination on your hard drive. Then go into that unzipped (extracted) folder to select your embroidery design and save it on your USB stick to be used on your embroidery machine.

14. Using Embroidery Designs

To use the embroidery designs please load them directly into your machine without using any kind of software. My embroidery designs are machine readable and this is the only warranty I offer. If your embroidery machine can read the hoop size the design is made for and you selected the correct format then your machine should be able to open the design.
Please try not to open them in any kind of software. This can cause problems and quality issues. I create a lot of decorating filled stitches in my own software and they are not readable in other software. By opening those designs in your software you can damage the designs filled stitch causing problems when stitching the motif. Especially if you try to open a design with PE design of any version it can give error messages straight away. I do not guarantee that my files are readable in your software. Opening my designs in your software leads into losing any warranty on my designs.

15. File Sharing

File sharing (any kind of digital files) is illegal and will be prosecuted. I do not make any exceptions and I do not warn the offender before taking legal action. These days when everyone is online and is using digital files it should be well known that digital files of any kind must not be shared, copied, forwarded without having a licence (which I do not offer anyway).

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