§1 area of application, customer information

The following general terms of business (Terms and Conditions) regulate the contractual relationship between Silke S. Oberheiden (Shark-Designs®) and the consumers and enterprisers who buy goods about our shop. Conflicting or from our terms of business divergent conditions are not recognised by us. The contract language is German.




§2 end of contract

(1) The offers on the Internet show an obliging offer of you to buy goods.

(2) They can lay one or several products in the goods basket. In the course of the order process you give your data and wishes with regard to. Payment kind etc. one. Only with clicking the order badge you accept this offer on end of a bill of sale. Should you not have given your approval with the immediate release of the download and the renunciation linked with it of your cancellation right, the products become a free-switched only at the end of the cancellation term of 14 days. Should you have given your approval, the products are provided after contract end to the immediate download.




§3 temporal limitation of the download




§4 download number

The number of the downloads is not limited.




§5 regulation of the right of use

They are merely entitled to make private copies on other carrier media. The wide distribution, the passing on, transference or the Unterlizenzierung is not permitted.




§6 customer information: Storage of your order data

Their order with details to the closed contract (e.g., kind of the product, price etc.) is stored by us. We send the Terms and Conditions to you, you can call the Terms and Conditions, however, also after contract end any time about our web page. As a registered customer you can access your past orders about the customer LogIn area (My account).




§7 customer information: Correction tip

They can correct your inputs before delivery of the order any time with the erase key. We inform you on the way by the order process about other correction possibilities. You can finish the order process also any time by closing the browser window completely.




§8 Statutory warranty rights




§ 9 Limitation of Liability

We exclude liability for negligent breach of duty unless they relate to contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act (Liability Act). The same holds for any of our agents and our legal representatives. The contractual obligations in particular the obligation, the goods have to pass and provide the property in it. We also provide you with the thing free of material and legal defects.




§ 10 clause

The designs may trade up to 100 times can be applied to any materials and sold in abgestickter form, as Patch / application.
prepare for a license for industrial use or for unlimited quantities, please send an email to

The dispensation, donation, trade or for sale, as well as to copy and modify the embroidery, also of individual properties of the files is not allowed!
It is not allowed to solve parts of the files and sell them as their own works or incorporate into created embroidery and hand it over as his own creations.
are infringements, as well as prosecuted by any other software provider!
The copyright of all files belongs to Shark-Designs®.

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