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You have come to Shark designs because you search exceptional embroidery files? Then you have found the right way.
With me exist beside "files suited for daylight" for decorative, Doodles, faces, animals and seasonally suitable also a department of "Solanaceae". Then there a breath of Gothik already blows, you find Skulls and Bones and just the specials.

Quite new is the category "GreenLine designs" in which predominantly running stitch  files live which become almost in one piece without  Cuttings embroider. Redwork, Triple-or Single-Stitch, it is there from everything a little bit!
Freebies live on an extra page in the shop.

Freebies live on an extra page in the shop.

There also are more often sometimes worthwhile special actions for the savings foxes and the design offer is extended constantly, it is worthwhile to expand by more often sometimes!

There are all designs also in other dimensions, pleas contact me simply by email in or by contact form.
This service is free.

And now I wish you enjoy exploring!




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